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Top 10 Scariest Players in the NFL

In honor of Halloween, I figured I'd throw out the question, who are the scariest players in the National Football League today. These are the guys that gave Mark Sanchez his complex and make Jake Locker see a therapist twice a week.

These players need not dress up tonight, just put on a uniform and some pads and they are sure to scare the living $#!+ out of the neighborhood kids. Take a look.

#10, Troy Polamalu, Pittsburgh Steelers. SS

Receivers worst nightmare. This guy plays with a passion that kills. If he sets his sights on you, good luck. Between jumping snap counts and hitting defenseless deceivers, Troy is the closest the NFL gets to a hitman. (Excluding actual hitman, Sean Payton) Polamalu hits people so hard that he has recorded 9 official concussions since he started in the NFL. Add on that the number that have gone unreported and the number he has caused and receivers have sufficient reason to take sleeping meds.

#9, William Clay Matthews III, Green Bay Packers, LB

Matthews is one of only a few third generation NFL players. He was selectively bred to play football. He is a purebred, merciless tackler. If you think you can avoid him by running out of bounds, you are wrong. Ask Colin Kaepernick. There's also something about that greasy and sweaty long blonde hair that makes me cringe a little every time I see him. If he doesn't kill you with his tackling, he might with his stench. For real though, dude needs a shower.

#8, Vince Wilfork, New England Patriots, DT

This guy is enormous. He weighed in at 345 at the 2004 Combine but I'm not convinced he didn't break the scale. He bench pressed 375 in his heyday and was described then as "Big-boned with broad shoulders, a thick chest, long arms and good thigh development." I'd say great thigh development. In his junior year of high school he recorded 88 tackles over a season where he was constantly fighting double teams. You look at his face and he seems like a nice guy, but then you realize he could eat you - as an appetizer.

#7, Ndamukong Suh Me, Detroit Lions, DT

A Sporting News poll named Ndamukong Suh the "dirtiest player in the NFL." He has also earned(?) the title of "least-liked player in the NFL" by a Forbes-publicized Nielsen report in October 2012. This guy has straight up lost it. He has amounted $209,000 in fines by the NFL and continues to play with no regard for human life. Plus, Suh is the only player in the NFL to be highlighted in both a "stomping incident" and a "groin kick incident" on the same Wikipedia page. 

#6, Brandon "Mayweather" Meriweather, Washington Redskins, SS

Brandon's mother gave birth to him when she was 13 and since then his life has been peppered with 'incidents'. In 2006 his friend was shot in the buttocks by unidentified assailants so Meriweather whipped out his legally registered Nina and returned fire. At the Orange Bowl in 2006, Miami took on FIU in a bench clearing brawl where Meriweather is reported to have been seen stomping several Florida International players multiple times on the ground. Yikes. In his latest debacle regarding the rules protecting defenseless receivers, Meriweather publically said, "You've got to end people's careers. You got to tear people's ACLs and mess up people's knees. You can't hit them high anymore." I'm sorry but if there is no medium between hitting a guy in the head and tearing his ACL then there is something truly disturbing going on. Remind me never to catch a ball in front of this guy.

#5, Terrell Thuggs, Baltimore Ravens, LB

Safety Jim Ihedigbo describes Suggs as a "freak of nature" and he's not wrong. This guy is probably the most ruthless LB in the league. He groomed his talents in the mean streets of East Baltimore as well as in his college days attending Ball So Hard University. Make sure not to get on his bad side, or his Momma's bad side for that matter. "My wife told me to bring momma three sacks," Suggs said. "It came down the stretch in the fourth quarter and I said, 'All right, momma said she wanted three, so go get it.' Apparently Suggs has a soft spot for furry animals though, as he is one of the stars in PETAs "Ink not Mink" campaign. So heads up, don't wear fur around him. Actually though... don't do it.

#4, Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens, Retired, LB

I know I said current NFL players, but there are always exceptions. Ray Lewis, a legendary leader and 13 time pro-bowler, is possibly one of the most infamous players in the NFL. His involvement in the murder investigation of Richard Lollar and Jacinth Baker puts him the top 10 alone. While I'm not saying he killed anyone, I'm also not saying he didn't. I mean he played his entire career in Baltimore. You don't survive in that city that long without puttin' a cap in a few street thugs. All I'm saying is that Ray Lewis has more street cred than any other athlete I know.

#3, James Harrison, Cincinnati Bengals, LB

Harrison is a 5 time pro-bowler, 2 time Superbowl Champion, and also one of the scariest human beings on the planet. An article in Men's Journal was published about him entitled "Confessions of an NFL Hitman". In March of 2008, Harrison was arrested on charges of assault and criminal mischief in reference to a domestic altercation with his girlfriend. The charges were eventually dropped after Harrison completed anger management and psychological counseling, but I'm still not sure I would date him. In his youth he allegedly fired a BB-gun in anger at one of his high school football coaches. Harrison's obsession with firearms and his brutal aggressiveness on the field earns him the number 3 spot on the list. Shots fired.

#2, J.J. Swatt, Houston Texans, DE

What makes this guy so scary is ironically not what he does off the field but what he does on the field. This notorious ball swatter recorded 20.5 sacks 16 passes defended, and 81 tackles in the 2012 season. On top of that he has eaten burritos bigger than Ray Rice, or so he says. (Hell, I believe him.) But what really put him at #2 on this list was that nightmarish nose-bleed photo taken earlier this season. It is sometimes confused for something out of a Jason film.

#1, Inmate No. 174594 aka Aaron Hernandez, Bristol County House of Corrections, TE

The only NFL player that is currently under 24/7 surveillance. According to a Boston Globe report Hernandez is a "model inmate", but that says nothing about his behavior out of the slammer. Notably the only offensive player to make this top 10 but ironically not the only one to have been accused of murder. His cheerful disposition and friendly attitude are complimented nicely by his slew of body tattoos and remarkable ability to catch anything thrown at him, including handcuffs.

Did I leave someone out?
These are my top 10 scariest NFL players, but I'd love
 to hear what you think. 

Comments always appreciated.